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2008 W. HEMISPHERES 1*,2,3
2008 BACARDI CUP 1*,2,3*,4*,5,6*
2008 NOOD Annapolis 1


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  • © North SailsSAIL SHAPE: The V-1 mainsail features a full and powerful shape that is great for all wind and wave conditions. It's a refined molded shape of our previous Max Roach mainsail, that gives the V-1 a much smoother and faster shape.

  • SAIL CLOTH: Made out of minimum weight class legal 3.6 Polykote cloth from Contender.

  • VISION WINDOW: The V-1 mainsail features a super sized vision and spreader window.

  • CONTROLS: Super light Spectra leech cord, with control on both tacks, for easy adjustment when sailing.

  • BATTEN POCKETS: Velcro loaded batten pockets for all battens.

  • Mainsails include: battens, sail numbers, insignia, vision/spreader windows, and fold bag (roll bag available).

  • CARBON BATTENS are also available, 40% lighter than the standard battens.

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